9 Troubling Facts You Need To Know About American Income Inequality


Income inequality is a problem that is continually growing in this country.  Who knows if there is anything we can ever do about it, but here are some startling facts about what is going on in America when it comes to economics.

13.6% of adults 25-34 live with their parents.

70% of workers in America don’t like their current jobs.

In 2000 CEO pay became 1039 times more than the average worker.

A single member of the top one percent could buy homes for every homeless person in the U.S.

Welfare can actually pay more than minimum wage in 35 states.

39% of employers don’t let their workers take off for labor day.

The U.S is just below Russia, Ukraine and Lebanon in terms of countries with the highest income inequality.

The top 1% control nearly a quarter of the country’s income, which is the highest share since 1928.

The Canadian middle class is now richer than America’s.

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