A Father With No Money Hand Built This Crib 30 Years Ago. Wait Til You See What That Baby Just Did.


Three decades ago, when one man was expecting a baby boy with his wife, he was a little short on money. They were immigrants from Poland and didn’t have jobs or a big savings. So, instead of buying a crib in a store, he built one himself. That baby grew up to start a family of his own and he decided to do exactly what his father did when he was expecting a little girl. He decided to build the very same crib, adding on to the adorable tradition.

30 years ago, this man built a bassinet for his son with a couple pieces of pine and a hand saw. He was fresh off the boat from Poland its all he could afford.

This is all that is left of the original after being handed from family to family.

So, he used that piece as a template.

Cutting out the pieces…

Sanding them down.

Then, placing the pieces side-by-side and drilling holes through.

All finished with one side.

Comparing the new and old pieces.

Adding the bottom rockers, which were made out of ash.

Little hand drawn template to create a nice bit if detail on the sides.

The side, pieced and glued together.

Attached the sides to the ends, later to be connected with wooden plugs.

The finished product and proud father-to-be.

Like father, like son.

Growing up to be like your parents isn’t always a bad thing.

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