After Seeing This, I Don’t Even Want To Move Anymore. Give Me A Bubble To Live In, Please.


Germs are everywhere. There’s really nothing you can do to avoid them. Sure, you could live in a sterilized orb like Jake Gyllenhaal in Bubble Boy, but that’d be almost as isolating as seeing that movie in theaters. You can, however, limit your exposure to germs. If you want to keep the bacteria in your body limited to the millions that are already there, try avoiding these filthy things that you would typically come into contact with each day, or at least wash your hands after you do so. Check out the dirty two dozen and one!

25.) Doorknobs – Beware of these bacteria magnets, especially the ones in public bathrooms.

24.) Refrigerator Handles – The same people touching the refrigerator handle are also those who you’d find handling uncooked meat.

23.) Vending Machine Buttons – No, this isn’t an excuse to rock the machine back and forth to see if a snack falls out.

22.) Parking Meters – At least getting that ticket seems somewhat like a positve now.

21.) Crosswalk Buttons – Looking both ways won’t save you here.

20.) ATM – Maybe being completely broke isn’t so bad after all.

19.) TV Remotes – What do you expect from something that spends so much time underneath the couch?

18.) Toilet Seats – No surprise there.

17.) Cell Phones – How are these dirtier than toilet seats? I’ve only dropped mine in there like ten times.

16.) Inside Latches of Public Bathroom Stalls – Think of it as one last reminder to wash your hands.

15.) Bathtubs – Really? Even if you don’t occasionally use it as a toilet just to switch things up?

14.) Light Switches – Who would think to clean these things?

13.) Microwave Pads – As if eating pizza for breakfast wasn’t already bad enough for you.

12.) Elevator Buttons – Just what we needed, another excuse for jerks to not hold the door for us.

11.) Mailbox Handles – All of those bills really might be the death of you.

10.) Supermarket Self-Checkout Registers – Where food and money germs meet. Yikes!

9.) Money – Um, I think I’ll take my chances with this one.

8.) Gas Pump Handles – Another one of those things that everyone touches, but doesn’t think to clean their hands after using.

7.) Escalator Rails – Are you seeing this, Mom? I was right for not wanting to use these.

6.) Computer Keyboards – With a browser history like yours, this seems fitting.

5.) Kitchen Sinks – This list seems like it has everything but the kitchen sink on it, until now.

4.) Shopping Carts – More incentive to spend less at the supermarket.

3.) Drinking Fountains – That helps explain why people are willing to spend so much on bottled water.

2.) Playground Equipment – Take note, adult weirdos.

1.) Human Mouths – Yep, your mouth is gross too. You disgust me.

(H/T list25) I never would have guessed that light switches would be on there. I seem to be the only person in my house who knows how to use them. As they say, knowledge that’s been soaked in warm, soapy water is power. You can share this post using the button below.

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