After Telling Her Pregnant Sister Not To Get A Dog, This Woman Happily Ate Her Words


For people who are about to become parents, it probably isn’t the best idea to throw a new pet into the mix with a baby on the way.

Parents have enough to worry about and prepare for in the months leading up to giving birth, which is why adopting a cat or dog can add a lot of stress, especially if they don’t know the animal’s personality or whether they’ll be good around children. And because babies need a TON of attention and care, it’s easy for pets to get neglected.

That said, these situations sometimes end up working out so perfectly that it seems like they were meant to be. Such is the case with Imgur user adderly‘s niece and the black Lab she calls her best friend.

When adderly’s pregnant sister thought about getting a puppy, she firmly told her not to out of concern. The mom-to-be decided to anyway, and when her baby girl was born in 2007, she met the sweet pup she’d share her childhood with.

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Imgur / adderly

Born just a month apart, the two formed an instant bond with each other.

They became inseparable and did everything together, including watching Saturday cartoons…

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…going on car rides…

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…walking to school…

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…and just hanging out on the couch.