Dad’s Adorable Money-Hiding Scheme Proves We’re Always Kids In Our Parents’ Eyes


Parents always want to help their kids, even when they’re all grown up.

There are plenty of different ways parents can support their adult children, and for some families that can mean that Mom or Dad helps out monetarily when possible. One dad likes to leave his daughter some money when he visits, but the way he does it is just a little bit different.

His daughter posted pictures of their text messages online with the caption, “Sometimes my dad hides money for me in random places.”

“He never lets me know when he’s done it.”

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Imgur / somebodysmama

“He’s a sweet weirdo.”

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Their text messages reveal a loving and sweet exchange. She says he loves getting the pictures when she finds a new $20 bill.

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Here are more of dad’s sneaky moves:

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