He Told An Armed Gunman To Shoot His Wife…Now He’s Up For A Bravery Award


When people are thrown into life-or-death situations, all bets are off. Most will do or say anything to save themselves and the people they love.

The last thing Tommy Jones and his wife, Abbey, expected when they went to the bank was to become part of a heist. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened while the two were out running errands in the small town of Headley Down, England.

In an attempt to throw off the armed gunman, Tommy shouted, “Shoot my wife. She means nothing to me,” to call his bluff when the criminal had a gun to her head. Although Abbey was understandably shocked, the comment did exactly as Tommy expected and the 49-year-old man was able to ambush the robber and wrestle him to the ground. Unfortunately, Tommy did not leave the heist unharmed. He was stabbed and then shot in the face with an airgun by the robber’s accomplice. After shots were fired, the two darted.

Learn more about how one bizarre (and totally untrue) comment saved a woman’s life.

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Both Tommy and his wife are on the mend after the traumatic experience.

He still has the airgun pellet lodged in his brain, but he is otherwise completely healthy. He also managed to earn forgiveness from his wife after his comments managed to save both their lives. She knows he just said that to throw off the shooter. The gunman was eventually caught and sentenced to almost 17 years in prison. Tommy’s quick thinking will be honored with a Hampshire Police bravery award.

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