Her Daughter Was Rushed To The Hospital On What Was Supposed To Be A Fun Evening


You know those cheap fireworks that you can buy at the grocery store? The ones that fizzle, pop, and, if we’re honest, don’t seem to do much of anything? After a terrifying accident, this mom has a warning for parents.

Stephanie Row purchased the fireworks for a fun evening with her kids. The instructions said to stand at least 15 feet away, but her four-year-old daughter, Maisie, chose a spot well over 30 feet from where the fireworks were being set off. No one expected that she would be put in harm’s way.

That’s when tragedy struck. A rogue firework launched sideways, striking Maisie and embedding itself into her scarf before exploding.

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The four-year-old was immediately rushed into surgery. Along with full thickness burns on her head and shoulder that will most likely require skin grafts, she suffered burns on her face, ear, and right hand.

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