Here Are 18 Beauty Ads From The Past That Would Result In Mass Protests Today. #5 Is Crazy


Throughout history, a lot have things have changed in our society. Groups of people have gained rights and, in general, we are more open minded and progressive. There was a time, however, when advertisements were a little more aggressive than they are today. Modern advertisements still pressure men and women to look a certain way, but at least they try not to use the word “chubby.” Some of these may be … slightly offensive.

1.) Judge yourself, ladies, because everyone else is judging you.

2.) WHEW, good thing he was there to remind her to eat less.

3.) Food is for dopes. Eat mints instead.

4.) This almost seemed encouraging, until I saw the name of the company.

5.) Sorry to break it to you ad, but women can’t control their bone structure.

6.) Feel like eating? Smoke instead.

7.) Ah, the precursor to Spanx.

8.) So women were supposed to gain weight to be attractive.

9.) But not TOO much, or else everyone would hate them.

10.) “Emulsion.” That sounds healthy.

11.) Because heat stroke is worth it.

12.) I’m not so sure that “before” picture is accurate.

13.) Self-worth is all about attracting males.

14.) So you can cook, clean AND not be a chubby.

15.) Because if you’re a “chubby,” you have to shop here.

16.) Men will hate you if you don’t look perfect.

17.) Wait, so which is it? Fat or skinny?

18.) Mmm. Ironized yeast.

(H/T A Weighty Subject) According to these ads, nothing is going to get a woman to buy your product like unadulterated shame. Some of these ads are absolutely nutty. Share them with others – they won’t be able to believe they were actually in print.

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