Here Are The 25 Most Brilliant Product Packages In Existence. But #22… Now That’s Morbid.


Some people are suckers for good packaging. Decisions on which low-priority items like gum, food, wine and more are made based on just how cool the product looks. That’s not a bad thing, lots of very clever advertisers and marketers spend years getting better at promoting their products with packaging. These are some of the 25 most brilliant packaging ideas we have ever come across. It would almost be impossible not to buy most of these if you saw them in the store.

1.) Gnome bread

2.) Note earbuds

3.) Beehive honey squares

4.) NYC Spaghetti

5.) Ford Ranger Extreme matchboxes

6.) Japanese cookie packaging

7.) Hanger tea

8.) Origami beer

9.) City Harvest shopping bags

10.) Made By Bees honey

11.) Kokeshi matches

12.) Kiss fruit/vegetable juices

13.) Whitebites dog treats

14.) Moustache paint brushes

15.) Zen cologne & perfume

16.) Fishing boat water bottle

17.) Juicy Juice orange juice

18.) Mini Oliva olive oil

19.) Blood of Grapes wine

20.) Green Berry Tea

21.) More clever juice boxes

22.) Coffin cigarette case

23.) Pink Glasses wine

24.) Butter! Better! butter

25.) Smirnoff Caipiroska mixed drinks

Source: Reddit Life would feel complete when drinking orange juice out of a tiny orange juice box shaped like a slice of orange. Now, to find the stores that sell these awesome products online (some of them are just prototype packaging, unfortunately). Share these awesome examples of packaging with others by clicking on the link below.

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