Here’s How This Famous Chef REALLY Feels About Your Trash Home Cooking


I’m no chef, but when I’ve made a particularly good meal, I sometimes act like one.

Like so many people, I’ve been known to post a picture or two to social media of some delicious food I’ve created. I’ll get a few likes from friends or family, but what would a real chef think about my creations?

Some brave folks on the internet are tagging famed grump and owner of countless restaurants Gordon Ramsay in their food pics, asking what he thinks about them. He’s known on his reality shows for not holding back, and he’s proven to be the same way online. Here are 10 people who sought Gordon’s approval on Twitter and his…colorful responses.

1. “What do you think about the gravy my friend made for biscuits and gravy?” – @The_MadHatten

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Twitter / @The_MadHatten

2. “What do you think of my Chicken and Biscuits?” – @chef___DU

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3. “Sunday roast what do you think??” – @Neilbrooks11

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4. “What do you think of my flatmate’s attempt at cooking chilli?” – @Hannahthel0ser

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5. “Hey my friend made scrambled eggs and tomato. What do ya think?” – @DickRomanowski

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6. “Rate my breakfast. I call it ‘Turtle Eat Pig.'” – @jennacovington