How Did These People Manage To Screw Up So Badly? Yikes.


We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes, we are unable to see the forest for the trees and end up making huge errors. The world obviously doesn’t appreciate transparent bathroom doors or awful typos. You know, the little things…

People, you had ONE job!

1.) Because a transparent door is totally normal in this situation.

2.) You had one job: to replace that placeholder!

3.) Apparently they’ll also need to hire a new manager.

4.) Let me guess…. autocorrect?

5.) Some dude at TV Guide was having a bad day writing this description.

6.) There has to be a story here. Please tell us. We’re dying to know.

7.) Who’s worse? The architect, or the door installer dude?

8.) Better call the light guy. FAST.

9.) Even a colorblind person couldn’t screw this one up.

10.) This should lead to some interesting discussions…

11.) It’s a pretty simple job, bro.

12.) You installed the handlebar, and you didn’t see a problem?

13.) Maybe he thought they needed a challenge.

14.) Apparently we’ve never seen a map. Or at least he’s banking on that.

15.) This has a Homer Simpson “Doh!” moment written all over it.

16.) Epic fail of cleanliness proportions.

17.) What’s with these architects?

18.) Wait, how does that song about the days in a month go again?

19.) This is too obvious to NOT be a joke…

20.) Your honor, I rest my case.

(via BuzzFeed)

YIKES! Some people should really pay more attention to their work. Then again, it seems like some people aren’t cut out for any job.

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