How Long Will It Take You To Figure Out This Logic Puzzle? I Was Stumped!


Brainteasers and logic puzzles are great for keeping your mind sharp and challenging yourself.

And user Puzzlefizzy Is awesome on the website Brilliant has definitely created something challenging, as only 37% of respondents have figured out his puzzle on the first try as of this writing. It’s a real mind-bender, and it had me stumped for quite a while.

Check out the puzzle and how to solve it below.

It starts out with three boxes and three statements. A car is inside one of the boxes, and only one of the statements is true.

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Brilliant / Puzzlefizzy Is awesome

The full instructions ask you to use the information in the statements to determine which box has the car. It seems like you don’t have enough clues…at first.

The car can’t be in box one. If that were the case, the statements below both box one and box three would be true, but according to the rules, only one of them can be true.

If the car were in box three, the statements below boxes two and three would both be true, so it can’t be in that one, either.

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That just leaves box two! The only true statement is below box three, which says that the car isn’t in the first box.

(via Daily Mail)

Did you figure it out on your own, or did you need to read the solution? Try this puzzle out on your friends next!

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