I Couldn’t Finish Writing This Story Without Crying Half Way Through It. That’s How Beautiful It Is.


If you’ve never heard this true love story, you’re in for something very special. It’s the story of a young couple that ran away together so they could be in love.

About 50 years ago, Liu, a 19 year-old boy, fell in love with a 29 year-old widowed mother named Xu. At the time, it was unacceptable and immoral for a young man to love an older woman. To avoid public ridicule and a stressful life, Liu and Xu decided to elope and live in a cave near Jianglin County in the southern Chongoing area.

In the beginning, they had nothing, no electricity or even food. They had to eat grass and roots they found in the mountain, and Liu made a kerosene lamp that they used to brighten up their lives.

Starting the second year of living in the mountain, Liu began, and continued for over 50 years, to hand carve the steps so that his wife could get down the mountain easily.

It wasn’t until 2001, nearly half a century later, that explorers discovered this incredible couple.

Liu’s hand-carved staircase for the love of his life was 6,000 stairs long. He worked on it every day to make Xu’s life easier.

One day, Liu at the age of 72, came home from his daily farm work and collapsed. Xu sat and prayed with her husband as he passed away in her arms. It has been said that Liu was so in love with her that, even in death, they could not remove his grip from her hand.

“You promised me you’ll take care of me, you’ll always be with me until the day I died, now you left before me, how am I going to live without you?” Xu said to herself shortly after his passing.

Xu spent days softly repeating this sentence and touching her husband’s black coffin with tears rolling down her cheeks.

This story became very popular in China a few years ago. The local government decided to preserve the hand-carved staircase so that this love story will live on forever and ever.

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