I’d Normally Be Outraged If Something Alive Was Found In My Food. But This Guy Is So Darn Cute.


When making a salad, most people like to add toppings to make the dish more interesting. Croutons, onions, cheese and even … frogs? This Reddit user’s mother was making a salad, when suddenly, she got a big shock. Within the unwashed lettuce, she found something she never expected. It wasn’t a bug or a worm… it was actually something pretty cute.

This little tree frog was hiding deep in the lettuce.

He had been refrigerated for at least three days, but was still looking pretty chipper!

It’s actually not that uncommon for frogs to be found with fruit or vegetables.

Many frogs survive the winter by hibernating, which is probably what this tiny frog did whenever he was refrigerated along with his lettuce.

Source: reddit.com

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