If You Had These Tents, Camping Might Actually Be Fun. Just Maybe.


Camping can be fun, but it can also be the worst. It doesn’t matter how great something is, if it involves bugs, bears, and other things you wouldn’t want tearing into your skin, the potential for it to become a disaster is high.

With these tents, that potential is still there, but at least you’re putting your comfort in danger in style. Some of these are more elaborate than others, but they’re all extremely cool. If you don’t want to go camping in these, you’re crazy (or have access to a bed that’s surrounded by four walls and covered by a roof). Check them out!

1.) Opera House Camper Tent

This camper tent pops open to look like the world-famous Sydney Opera House.

2.) Treepee

A teepee you can hang from a tree. It’s everything you want from a tree house without any of the having to build it.

3.) Nyamuk Tent

All the protection of a tent meets all of the laid-back chillness of a hammock.

4.) Two-Second Tent

Maybe sleeping in a tent wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t take so long to set up. Eh, nope, still bad.

5.) Kayak Tent

It’s no arc, but it’ll do in a flood.

6.) Solar Tent

This tent absorbs sunlight during the daytime so it can illuminate the nighttime. Never get lost on your way back from peeing in the bushes again.

7.) Transparent Bubble Tent

As easy as the assembly may be, it’s even easier to be seen in your underpants.

8.) Indoor Tent

Who needs the outdoors anyway?

9.) Tetra Shed

Sturdier than most tents, but a little bit more difficult to move around, the Tetra Shed is a good option if you’re really looking for protection from the elements.

10.) Watermelon Tent

Sweet! Camping has never been this refreshing.

11.) JakPak

A tent that you can wear as a jacket. Finally, camping is fashionable again!

12.) Raindrop Tent

Find out what it’s like to sleep in a raindrop or, more accurately, a meringue cookie.

13.) Car Tent

With this tent, all you need to find is a parking space and you have a place to sleep in any city. Good luck.

14.) Lace Tent

While this looks beautiful, you’d better hope it doesn’t rain while you’re in there.

15.) Action Tent

Camping can be a lonely experience, but other campers and bears don’t have to know that.

(via Oddee, BuzzFeed)

Whether or not you enjoy camping, there’s one thing we can all agree on: it sure is in-tents.

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