If You Live In America, You’ve Probably Never Had These Animals For Dinner.


Everybody needs to eat, that’s one of the few things we all have in common. What separates us, other than the fact that 805 million of us don’t even have enough to eat, is what we eat. Here in the United States, despite many of our favorite dishes being created in other parts of the world, we have a pretty limited view of what we’d consider edible.

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In other parts of the world, where both tastes and access to certain animals are different, people are dining on animals many Americans wouldn’t even eat if they were covered in BBQ sauce. Take a look at some of these popular meals that you won’t easily find for dinner in the U.S.  

1.) Iguana

1.) Iguana a-z-animals Iguana meat is frequently eaten in Mexico and Central American countries.

2.) Donkey

2.) Donkey totpi Some Italian salamis are made with donkey meat.

3.) Camel

3.) Camel Wikimedia Commons Camel meat, particularly that of its hump, is enjoyed in the Middle East and part of Africa.

4.) Guinea Pig

4.) Guinea Pig Wikimedia Commons Guinea Pig meat is very popular in South America, especially Peru.

5.) Elephant

5.) Elephant Wikimedia Commons Elephant meat is considered by some African nations to be a delicacy.

6.) Rat

6.) Rat luxuryloft In many countries, rat meat is eaten due to a lack of other, more desirable meats in the area.

7.) Pigeon

7.) Pigeon WIkimedia Commons Pigeon or “squab” is a common dish in France.

8.) Yak

8.) Yak springbrook Despite its rather unappealing name, yak meat is enjoyed in many different countries.

9.) Horse

9.) Horse Karlyne Each year, about 4 million horses are eaten worldwide.

10.) Dog

10.) Dog funchap Though it’s popularity has dwindled, dog meat can still be eaten in parts of China, Korea, Vietnam, and Switzerland.

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While some of these are pretty strange, they’re still probably healthier than whatever it is McDonald’s is feeding us.

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