Man Spots A Head Sticking Out Of A Storm Drain And Welcomes Two New Family Members


It’s amazing how many people won’t take the time to help an animal they see on the street.

It takes time out of your day to stop and contact the pet’s owner or a shelter, but you could be saving a life — or even two! That’s what happened when one man noticed some tiny ears sticking up out of a storm drain, and the two cats he found made a stunning transformation. From living on the street to being part of the family, here’s their story.

Reddit user belleayreski2 was driving along when he saw a cat’s head pop up from a storm drain, so he decided to stop and investigate. There were two small cats inside and he lured them out with food.

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He took the well-behaved kitties to the vet and they made themselves at home. The kitten, now named Scout, is pictured here.

Scout’s mom’s name is River. She was trying to protect her baby, and luckily, they’ll both be safe in their forever home.

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