Man Throws A Treat To An Orangutan, Only For The Ape To Start A Game Of Catch


Orangutans are known for being among the most intelligent primates in the world.

Several studies have shown that they are able to weigh the costs and benefits of gift exchanges and keep track of them over time, being the first nonhuman species known to do so. Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, these clever apes call the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra home.

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Russian tourist Vitaly was visiting the Bali Zoo when he had an experience of a lifetime. After walking past the orangutan enclosure, he decided to throw a few treats towards one of the orangutans sitting at the edge of a moat. Much to his surprise, instead of selfishly keeping the treat, the ape threw the food back to Vitaly.

That orangutan has one heck of an arm!

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Not to mention fantastic aim. I was half expecting him to fumble it and throw the food into the water.

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