She Called The Police On Her Grandma, But The Reason Why Is Cuter Than You’d Expect


For many, calling the cops on a loved one might seem like the ultimate betrayal, but in the case of this grandma, her beloved granddaughter dialed 9-1-1 for the sweetest reason imaginable.

Betty Helmuth, 94, has seen countless hurricanes and tropical storms rampage through Florida over the years, so the experienced survivor wasn’t too concerned about preparing for Hurricane Irma. But after her family had witnessed the horrifying destruction of Hurricane Harvey’s wrath in Houston, Rachel Copeland, Helmuth’s granddaughter, feared the worst.

Copeland got a hold of the Clearwater Police Department through social media and voiced her concerns for her beloved grandmother.

Just a few hours later, the police department showed up at Helmuth’s door with bottled water, food, flashlights, and other storm necessities.

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While Helmuth was concerned that her neighbors might get suspicious of her visitors in blue, she couldn’t help but thank the officers for helping out in her time of need.

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