These Alien-Looking Creatures Are Real, And They’ll Eat You If They Can.


Marcus Desieno is an artist from Albany New York whose art strives to discover the “history of science and exploration in relation to the history of photography”. In one of his most recent ongoing series called ‘Parasites’ he takes an artistic, close-up look at those horrifying creatures that live by sucking the life out of you. 

These creatures may look totally alien, but they’re here on Earth. And they literally want to suck your blood.

1.) Taenia solium/pork tape worm

2.) Ascaris lumbricoides/giant roundworm

3.) Ixodes scapularis/deer tick

4.) Dermatobia hominis/human botfly (larva)

5.) Dermacentor andersoni/Rocky mountain wood tick

6.) Hirudo medicinalis/medicinal leech

7.) Cimex lectularius/bed bug

8.) Fasciola hepatica/liver fluke

“Giant, magnified parasite faces” has just gunned ahead of “clowns covered in blood” as the thing most likely to never let me sleep again. Give this a share on Facebook and gross out your friends.

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