These Hideous Bugs Will Ensure You Won’t Feel Safe In Your Own Home. They’re Horrifying.


Every night, you may think that you’re safe in your own bed, tucked into freshly laundered sheets. The terrifying fact is, though, you’re not. Your bedroom doesn’t stop absolutely terrifying monstrosities from being born every day. (You probably think I’m kidding. I’m not.) Even more horrifying? Some of those monsters might just end up under your bed. That’s because those monstrous creatures are something so commonplace, you probably never think about them: bugs. There are more frightening insects, arachnids and otherwise in the world than you can even imagine. This list of horrifying bugs barely scratches the surface of the creepy-crawlies that exist around the world. (Guess which ones you can find in your own home.)

1.) Assassin Bugs: There are different species of these bugs; they attack their prey quickly and violently. They kill other insects by stabbing them with their sharp beaks and then inject enzymes into the prey. The enzymes soften the insides, allowing them to slurp it out.

2.) Cicadas: These “tree crickets” live underground and then, as they mature, make their way to the surface. They can produce sounds up to 120 decibels (louder than a concert). They hang out in, and die in, extremely large numbers/swarms.


3.) Giant Katydids: Although these bugs can make you cringe in every way possible, the hamster-sized katydids aren’t harmful to humans. You can even keep them as pets (if you’re brave like that). They’re more active at night and create songs, like crickets do.

4.) Botflies: These bugs kind of resemble a little bumblebee, but they are far more horrifying. Their larvae are parasitic, injected into unsuspecting hosts by infected misquitos. They burrow under an animal’s skin (or yours) until they painfully crawl out.

5.) Dobsonflies: Both males and females can grow to be up to 5 inches long. The males’ mandibles are actually so big, they are unable to harm humans. The females, however, can bite you and even draw blood. Adults can generally be found from late spring into the middle of summer, remaining near bodies of water. Where you will be on vacation.

6.) Japanese Giant Hornets: These suckers can grow to be 2 inches long and their stingers can be a quarter-inch long. Not only are they GIANT, but they are extremely aggressive and fearless.

7.) Africanized Honey Bee: These are “killer bees.” Their ancestors were European honey bees crossed with African honey bees. They’re aggressive and extremely protective of their hives. Being swarmed by these bees can kill you, or result in so many stings your organs shut down.

8.) Giant Orb-Weaving Spiders: This family of spiders is particularly terrifying. Many are poisonous and some are SO BIG, they can hunt and kill a snake for a snack.

Or a bird. There is no reason why you should go near one if you see it in the wild. You should, in fact, run.

9.) Titan Beetles: These giant bugs can be around 7 inches long and their pincers can snap a pencil in half… but they usually leave humans alone. If you bother it, though, it will attack you. The world’s largest beetle WILL attack you.

10.) Huntsman Spiders: These spiders are big. And, depending on where you live in the world, you can find them in your own home. It doesn’t use a web to catch its prey, it’ll actually use its unreasonably huge legs to chase down its food. Thankfully, it’s not poisonous.

11.) House Centipedes: That’s right, as in, YOUR HOUSE. They are harmless, but you can find them underneath cabinets, in closets and basically everywhere you wouldn’t want to find a disgusting centipede.

12.) Bullet Ants: Found in rainforests throughout Central America, their bite is so painful, you’ll feel like you’ve been shot. Plus, the pain lasts for 24 hours. An indigenous Brazilian tribe use gloves filled with these ants as a painful initiation ceremony.

13.) Jewel Wasps: This parasitoid wasp use cockroaches as a live food supply for its developing larvae. It attacks the cockroach, paralyzing it. Then, it injects venom into the roach’s head, preventing it from trying to walk. The wasp then turns it into a zombie nursery, by laying its eggs into its abdomen. Yikes.

14.) Puss Caterpillars: It may look cute, but this fuzzball is actually quite venemous. They are high in protein and slow moving, so they needed a defense mechanism: serious toxins. Do. Not. Pet. Them.

If you do touch one: You will experience “intense throbbing pain develops within five minutes of contact, with pain extending up the affected arm. Other symptoms may include headaches, nausea, vomiting, intense abdominal distress, lymphadenopathy, lymphadenitis, and sometimes shock or respiratory stress.”

15.) Stink Bugs: They may not bother humans (they prefer vegetation), but they will make you smell if you bother them too much. Even if you smash one, you’ll be plagued by his or her stink.

16.) Brahmin Caterpillar: You don’t think living nightmares exist? Well, you’re WRONG. These caterpillars look like a creation of Tim Burton, like tiny terrors, but they can’t harm you.

You’d think that their appearance is for camouflaging purposes, but they may just want to make sure you never sleep soundly again.

17.) Saddleback Caterpillars: Although they are cute (they have their own little saddles!), these bright bugs are venomous. Contact with their hairs causes a painful, swollen rash and sometimes nausea. The sting can feel like an electric shock.

18.) Cockroaches: These guys are extremely common… and can carry 33 types of bacteria, 6 kinds of parasites and 7 pathogens. They can go 45 minutes without breathing, live a month without food and they will eat hair, toenails, eyelashes and eyebrows.

19.) Japanese Mountain Leeches: You’d think most leeches live in water, but this one can hunt you on land. They are typically slow, but can somersault after any prey pretty quickly, or drop down from trees. They can chew through your clothing and the numbing agent they can inject you with will ensure you don’t feel them sucking on your blood.

20.) Giant Centipedes: These awful creatures can grow to be up to 15 inches long. Even better? It’s also poisonous. It can’t kill you, but you will need to go to the doctor. (The solution is to just avoid these nightmares entirely.)

21.) Joro Spiders: Unfortunately, this scary spider is poisonous. Its bite is similar to that of a black widow spider. They are so awful, they have existed in Japanese folklore as evil seducing demons.

22.) Giant Wetas: Found in New Zealand, this oversized bug is one of the largest and heaviest in the world. They typically don’t bother humans, aside from haunting our dreams.

23.) Giant Isopods: This isn’t from a science fiction movie. These giant isopods, although technically a crustacean, are still terrifying. They live in the oceans… but that doesn’t mean you’re safe.

24.) Giant Silkworm Moth Caterpillars: This terrifying caterpillar is actually responsible for several deaths a year. The tiny, fragile hairs it is covered with are full of potent toxins. Gangrene-like symptoms and internal hemorrhaging can occur as a result of this sting.

Stock up on your bug spray. Some of these are terrifying, but others can actually kill you. You never know what monster will be lurking at the foot of your bed, hiding in the folds of your sheets… so, good luck sleeping tonight! Share the horror with others by clicking on the button below. Misery halved is misery shared, right?

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