These Scenes Are Completely Edible, But Way Too Cute To Actually Eat.


Here at ViralNova, we have a thing for people who make art out of food, probably because it combines two things we enjoy: cool-looking things and eating. We’ve covered some artists working with food before, and now we’re bringing you more. (You’re welcome.) 

Stay-at-home mom Samantha Lee knew from firsthand experience that getting kids to eat can be tricky. She wanted to encourage her older daughter to eat independently while Lee tended to her younger child. To do this, she created little scenes out of food to make the meals more appealing.

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Because it’s the Internet era, she began posting pictures of her creations online. The result was more than 300,000 Instagram followers, as well as features in various publications and advertising contracts. Lee’s creations feature pop culture icons and fictional characters, as well as scenery and landmarks.

Totoro’s shape lends nicely to being recreated in rice form.
Lee wants to make sure that her kids not only have an appreciation for food, but are musically well-rounded, too.
We’re glad she went with an earlier-era Michael Jackson, though.
Not only do her dishes cover the classics, but also cover current pop trends.
This pasta works perfectly for Merida’s hair.
The Chrysler Building, in almonds.
Nori, the thin sheets of seaweed commonly found in sushi, makes for great details.
This cozy scene features some sweet but healthy foods.
Harry looks a bit concerned here, perhaps because he’s lunch.
This image was created by Lee for MasterCard and Stand Up to Cancer.

The best result of all this hard work and fame? Lee’s daughters never have to be convinced to eat. She says they sometimes argue over which characters they get to eat. Maybe this is the trick for making your meals more exciting!

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