They Peeked In the Dumpster And… RACCOON! What Happened Next Warmed My Heart.


You can judge someone’s character by watching how they treat servers, children and animals. Judging by the lengths this person went to free a tiny raccoon from a steel chamber, they must be an angel. Fear of attack and the bitter cold didn’t stop them from helping out a creature in need.

The little guy was looking for food in a dumpster, but became trapped inside when there wasn’t enough trash to climb out on.

He or she was afraid of humans, unsure of what to do.

Luckily, the raccoon was about to get a helping hand.

A passer by had some extra poster board lying around, so they decided to make a little ladder for the raccoon.

They carved out rungs in the poster board so that the critter would be able to use it to climb out.

There wasn’t any water, the raccoon was cold and it was very obviously frightened. It was in need of some help.

Encouraging the raccoon didn’t work, he/she was too frightened, so the good samaritan set the ramps up and left.

When they came back to check on the raccoon…

It was gone! The little furball figured out how to use the ladder and scampered.

And there were dirty little paw prints to prove it.

Maybe next time the little fella will remember not to dumpster dive right after garbage day.


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