This Couple Brought Home The Cutest Souvenir From Their Trip To The Philippines.


People come home with the strangest things from vacation. It’s common to have goofy souvenirs, sun burns, and maybe a weird accent you’ve never heard before, but this couple picked up something a little cuddlier.

While visiting the Philippines, this Reddit user and his girlfriend couldn’t leave for home without their new best friend.

The Cat, Mango, was discovered on the porch of the condo where they were staying.

Noticing how skinny she was, the girlfriend decided to buy some cat food.

Mango was immediately trusting and friendly with the couple.

Over the next few nights, she became accustomed to their visits and the food.

But she was clearly in bad shape. Every time she tried to meow, it came out soft and raspy.

So the compassionate couple brought her to the vet.

The leash took a little getting used to.

When the time came to go back home, they brought her with them.

Altogether, the journey from Manila to Washington, D.C. took about 24 hours.

They say that after being a bit shocked by the initial take off, she was calm and quiet the whole time.

Home sweet new home!

She was suffering heart murmurs and ear mites when they arrived.

But life was definitely getting better for Mango.

And with her healthy appetite, she began putting on weight.

Finally out of the harsh city life and embracing nature in her new home.

The couple couldn’t be happier with their new buddy.

Although she apparently does have a habit of sleeping right on their faces from time to time.

But something tells me she’s too cute for them to care too much about that.

(via Reddit.)

At one point while in the Philippines, pest control officials came by and attempted to take Mango with them, where she would have likely ended up euthanized. The girlfriend wasn’t having any of that, and made sure they were well aware. I think it’s safe to say Mango is in the well-loved environment she deserves.

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