This Dog Fell Into A 700 Foot Pit. But That’s Not The Part That Shocked Me The Most.


What happened to this dog is about as miraculous as it gets. A puppy was wandering near the world’s largest man-made hole – 700 feet deep – when he lost his footing and fell in. Instead of an unfortunate tragedy, this story turned out to be awesome thanks to a dog’s will to live and the kindness of people.

It all started when some tourists noticed the dog below, frantically swimming and trying to find her way out.

This is “The Big Hole,” located in Kimberley, South Africa, where the puppy fell. How she didn’t die instantly is nothing short of unbelievable. It’s the equivalent of falling 50 stories.

She was trapped there for EIGHT days.

Kind people and rescue workers would throw food down to her so she wouldn’t starve. They nicknamed her Underdog.

Day after day, Underdog continued to survive thanks to the goodness of people. They had many failed attempts to rescue her because she was so scared that she would jump back into the water.

Then, after countless hours of working, Underdog was pulled out of the mine. A vet checked her out thoroughly, and she was completely fine.

The entire ordeal was frightening, but dozens of people have offered to adopt Underdog. She’s going to have a good life after this terrifying experience.

The abandoned mine is a tourist attraction after being shut down in 1914. It had been used to unearth diamonds – over 3000kg of diamonds in fact.

Hopefully the city will do something to prevent future occurrences like this – next time, it might not turn out so well.


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