This Guy Woke Up To A Horrifying Sight. The Only Thing More Shocking Is Who Did It.


One morning, this Redditor woke up to his front porch completely riddled with holes. It looked like some gang members spewed buckshot at his doorstep during a drive-by. There was a group of hoodlums responsible for the damage, but it wasn’t a quite a drive-by… It was a fly-by.

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These holes were made by acorn woodpeckers. The little birds created their own granaries or “acorn trees” to store their food. They do so by drilling holes into whatever they can, sometimes resulting in this kind of damage.

They store acorns in the holes they make.

This group of birds must have thought this man’s synthetic stucco siding was perfect for their food stores.

The acorns are visible, so the group of birds will most likely try to defend this house from other birds.

Hopefully, the homeowner will be able to make it into his living room without getting pecked.

Source: Reddit When you purchase a house, it’s good to research what kind of neighborhood your new dwelling will reside in. Sometimes, it’s easy to miss the fact that there are some seedy gangs hiding in the shadows. With any luck, this homeowner will toughen up and learn to be at the top of the pecking order.

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