This Restaurant’s Bare Bone Design Might Raise a Few Eyebrows. But Wow.


A lot of variables go into the making of a good restaurant. To get noticed and keep the customers coming back, a restaurateur must not only create the perfect menu, but also pick the right location, the right style and the right theme which will set the restaurant apart. Chef Alfonso Cadena decided to take his design of his restaurant Hueso in Guadalajara, Mexico to a whole new (weird) level.

I’ll make no bones about it, this place has a very unique style. 

What’re those things decorating the walls and tables? You guessed it: animal bones. Ten-thousand animal bones make up the decor of Hueso.

Even when you know what the interior is made from, it’s still beautiful.

The bones are bright, yet rustic.

Some parts of this establishment don’t even look like a restaurant…but I wouldn’t mind eating here.

No Bones to Pick: Chef Alfonso Cadena beaming proudly in his new restaurant.


Despite being a little unnerving at first glance, the design of this restaurant is really cool and definitely worth seeing in person (and I’m sure the food is delicious!)

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