This Tunnel Used To Be Totally Empty. Then Two Guys Came Along And What They Did Is Brilliant.


Steven Dring and Richard Ballard are two entrepreneurs/farmers that are making us change what we think about greenhouses (and how plants grow in general). Together, these two took the idea for the conventional “greenhouse” and flipped it on its head. Instead a large glass building that lets natural sunlight in, Steven and Richard went in the opposite direction. They took their growing strategies underground. Literally.

Next to the Clapham North subway station, there was an empty tunnel.

Now, it’s not so empty. The two businessmen decided to do something incredibly unique with the space.

They turned it into an underground garden, called Zero Carbon Food.

It requires less energy than a typical greenhouse (and much less sun).

Not only that, but all of their food is pesticide-free.

With the help of crowd funding campaigns, they were able to make their sunless, underground urban garden a reality.

These herbs will be healthy to eat because of how they were grown, but they also will make London healthier.

Agriculture contributes to a third of the total carbon emissions, so Zero Carbon Food is attempting to reduce with number with their unique underground set-ups.

“We believe a low carbon economy is more energy efficient, more energy secure, cleaner, quieter and safer.” -Zero Carbon Food

Over the next decade, London is expected to grow by two million people. The government hopes to reduce CO2, improve their energy sources and energy efficiency, reduce transportation emissions and make London a low carbon city. Companies like Zero Carbon Food hope to help the city meet those goals. Their first greenhouse is only 2.5 acres in size, but if their strategy catches on there could be more in the future. Who knew an herb garden could help people in so many ways? Source: Zero Carbon Food Especially one that’s underground. Share their awesome work with others.

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