This Woman Was Arrested For Shoplifting. Then A Cop Did Something So Special.


Trying to raise and support her children, single mother Sheena Davenport was caught shoplifting food from Walmart over a year ago just so they could get by.

On the day of her hearing, the struggling mom was caught off guard when one of the police officers in the court house told her to go outside with her. They eventually found themselves at a local Winn-Dixie grocery store.

The kind officer told Davenport to grab a shopping cart and fill it with food to feed herself and her kids.

The officer then explained her own struggle and told her that things will get better if you just soldier on. With the kind cop’s help, Davenport was able to bring home over $100 worth of groceries for her children.

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Taken aback by her kindness, Davenport shared her story with Love What Matters. Check it out below.

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