Weird Pizzas From Around The World Prove You Really Can’t Go Wrong With Pizza.


Everyone on the planet loves pizza. It’s one of life’s universal truths, like how math is the same in every country. What makes pizza beautiful is how it never has to be the same, but is always amazing.

For adventurous eaters out there, these strange pizzas from around the world will definitely perk up your taste buds. I want to check out #2 for lunch today.

1.) Frankford Avenue Taco from Pizza Brain in Philadelphia, PA

(Yes, that is pizza-flavored ice cream on top!)

2.) Deep-Fried Pizza from The Atlantic Chip Shop in Brooklyn, NY

3.) Potato Gold Pizza from Mr. Pizza in Los Angeles, CA

4.) Hot Dog and French Fries Pizza from Reginella in Brooklyn, NY

5.) All-Vegan Pizza from Blackbird Pizzeria in Philadelphia, PA

6.) Indian Pizza from Tasty Subs & Pizza in Sunnyvale, CA

7.) Cheeseburger BBQ Pizza recipe from Vanilla Kitchen

8.) Magical Mystery Tour from Mellow Mushroom in many locations around the U.S.

9.) Pizza Cone from Konopizza based in Italy

10.) Sushi Pizza from Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar in Honolulu, HI

11.) S’mores Pizza from Dimo’s in Chicago, IL

12.) Chocoholics Pizza from Getting Personal

(H/T: Zagat.)

…And now I’m starving. Is it lunch time yet?

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