When You See This, You Will Probably Be Angry. But There Is Justice…Kinda.


When police arrived on scene after getting reports of pet abuse on the residence, they were absolutely disgusted. They found a dog, withering away, chained to a tree.

It will be impossible to not be moved by his story.

Joseph, named Toby at the time, was found emaciated and frightened. He was chained to the same tree he has been attached to for four years. He had very little food or water.

When asked about his dog’s condition, the owner Jeremy Shane Temple only said that “he’s not a human.”

When Joseph was rescued, he weighed only 60lbs and was covered in fleas and ticks.

When he was first bathed at the shelter, the water ran red with his blood – his flea infestation was that bad.

Manager of the animal clinic, Mike Gigis, described it as the worst case of animal abuse he has ever seen. Joseph was in such bad shape, his medical costs should surpass $2,500.

Jeremy claimed that Joseph was suffering from a disease that left him emaciated and infected. The only disease he was suffering from was being the dog of a callous and cruel owner.

As punishment, the owner was only fined $25.

If you see a dog like Joseph being abused, say something. Share this story to raise pet abuse awareness.


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