You Definitely Need These 16 Awesome Gadgets In Your Kitchen. Right Now.


Grandma may love to tell you about how she churned her own butter and made her own bread every week, but times are changing. Now we want to see our selfies on toast.

Seriously, there is a product that will let you do that. And it’s just one among so many other amazing kitchen gadgets you’ll be dying to have in your cabinets. Just in time for you to start writing your Christmas list. 

1.) Shake, Rattle, And Roll Ice Cream Maker

2.) Smokey the Silencer smoke detector remote

3.) Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

4.) Selfie Toaster

5.) Pixel Customizable Waffle Maker

6.) D-Cell Battery Salt & Pepper Shakers

7.) Roll n’Roll Chopsticks

8.) Popcorn Bowl that catches kernels

9.) Calf and Half pitcher

10.) 5-Way Opener

11.) Spice-Leaf Book

12.) Portable Toaster

13.) Condiment Gun

14.) Shark Tea Infuser

15.) Salad Plant Flower Pot

16.) Spinning Spaghetti Fork

(H/T: Incredible Things.)

Y’know, I might actually use my kitchen for more than frozen food if I had these awesome things. 

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