You Probably Love All Of These American Foods, But Did You Know How Others Feel?


It’s well-known that you can’t argue taste… and that goes for the taste of food as well. Everyone has certain foods they love and hate. No matter how strange preferences seem, we can’t judge them.

Unless we’re from a different country, of course.

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Here are some of the everyday foods that we consume in America (and you may even love) that foreigners are just baffled by. Who knew that something so common could be so confusing to others? 

1.) Processed Cheese.

Cheese in most foreign countries isn’t as orange. It’s sharper, smoother or more veiny. These cheeses are natural and have more character.

2.) Sliced Bread.

In most foreign countries, bread is personally baked by the town baker, presumably an adorable, plump old man with big rosy cheeks and a Hummel figurine smile. To this I ask, what if you’re drunk and hungry at 3 am and you wanna make a sammy but the poor old baker is asleep?

3.) Cold, Sugary Cereal.

Most countries eat grainy, warm cereal for breakfast. No marshmallows.

4.) Grits.

Ground corn meal isn’t a favorite of foreigners (and honestly most people who aren’t in the south).

5.) Beef Jerky.

Dried meat seems normal to many Americans. Jerky can be delicious. However, most Europeans are more accustomed to meat prepared and cured in a different way.

6.) Biscuits And Gravy.

This meal is often seen as too heavy and starchy to be eaten at breakfast (or any time, really).

7.) Peanut Butter And Jelly

Peanut butter isn’t very popular outside of the United States. So not only are other countries confused by its existence at all, but mixing it with preserves just seems crazy.

8.) Refrigerated Eggs.

Eggs are commonly stored and sold warm in different places around the globe. We sanitize and store our eggs by keeping them cold.

9.) Iced Tea.

They like their tea warm in most countries. Although we like hot tea as well, we also like it over ice… which many, many people hate.

10.) Pancakes With Odd Shapes

Pancakes with funny shapes aren’t so cute in other countries, where they prefer to have more traditional pancakes and crepes.

American cheese, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes? Who knew something so normal could be so hated in other places around the world? It’s honestly mind-boggling.

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